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Elonda Johnson is a vastly experienced HR Professional and Certified Executive Coach who shares an incredible passion for nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. Based in Dallas, Texas, she has served in various capacities of human resource management for 20+ years and has worked with emerging talent, experienced professionals, and C-level executives. She holds Graduate Certificate in Executive & Professional Coaching from The University of Texas and is an International Coach Federation (ICF) Certified Executive Coach (PCC).  Elonda’s passion for helping clients embrace their full potential and strive for excellence inspired her to pursue a career as a leadership coach.


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One-on-One executive and leadership coaching tailored to focus on your professional career needs

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Burnout to Brilliance mastermind, accountability support, professional career coaching, and webinars

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Custom workshops and programs to improve employee culture and morale in the workplace

Success Stories

Before working with Coach E, I simply just had “a goal”. However, I didn’t have a clear strategy or plan of action. I had no idea what I needed in order to achieve my goal of starting my business. I was frustrated and flat out stuck. It was difficult to move forward with achieving my startup goals. With Coach E’s guidance, I have increased confidence, clearly defined steps needed to start up my business and clarity on the behaviors needed for success. Coach E is the best! She’s personable and easy to talk to. Not to mention, she has a wealth of knowledge, extensive experience and she truly cares about helping you achieve your goals. I recommend her to anyone that is feeling stuck and to everyone that is pursuing their dreams!

Karole Johnson, Business Owner

Elonda, I am pleased to tell you that I have been accepted for admission into both the University of Delaware and Washington University in St. Louis! I have also been invited to interview at the other three programs where I applied.
I want to thank you because this would not have been possible without your help! Your efforts, kind words, encouragement, wisdom, and support have enabled me to pursue a bold goal that is now within reach. I am sincerely grateful for you and want you to know that this achievement also belongs to you.
Both universities are ranked #1 and #3 in the nation respectively, and the other programs where I could potentially be accepted are very good DPT programs as well. Needless to say, I have you to thank for a very difficult decision haha!
I wish I could have waited to tell you where I will be attending for my doctorate program, but there was no way I could hold in the good news for another three months!
Joston Benton, Former Accountant turned Future Doctor

I’ve known Elonda for over a decade and our relationship has been a cherished blessing in my life. She’s been a valued colleague, supportive friend, true confidant, prayer warrior and career mentor to me. She always provides fresh, new insights on challenges I’ve faced personally and she’s excellent at navigating challenging professional situations with composure, authenticity, and compassion. She truly cares about people and helping them live the best lives wholeheartedly.

Alicia Bowman, Learning & Development Manager

I have experienced several transitions over the course of my career. Naturally, the change of the unknown creates fear and anxiety. I was uncertain of what direction or action to take next. I reached out Coach Elonda for guidance. I shared my challenges and concerns and Elonda helped me in a variety of ways. First, she listened and acknowledged my fears and concerns which made me feel comfortable and allowed me to be vulnerable. Next, she provided guidance for my next steps to move forward and reassured me that everything would work out. Lastly, she challenged me to think about what I wanted in my life both professionally and personally which enabled me to select the best opportunity rather a position out of desperation. I am so thankful for Elonda’s gift of seeing beyond what I could see during these stressful seasons of my life. Because of Elonda’s guidance, I no longer fear change and I am inspired to think beyond my current situation. I am open to trying new opportunities and experiences. Elonda has a gift of being able to navigate through your problem while providing valuable solutions and tools to achieve your goals.  I strongly recommend her as an executive coach.
Tiffany Alexander, Senior Human Resource Leader

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Elonda Johnson is a Certified Executive Coach (PCC) and a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF). Elonda has over 20 years of HR, leadership development, talent acquisition, diversity & inclusion, and coaching experience in technology, professional services, bio-pharmaceuticals, and sports & entertainment industries. She understands the complexities of corporate environments, entrepreneurship, and life and guides her clients to success by drawing from her HR wisdom, people leadership experience, and consulting expertise.